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By SME Digital Correspondent

Kenyan actor Nick Mutuma will be starring in a new South African feature film set to premiere in cinemas worldwide this August, adding yet another feather to his acting cap.

Nick is currently in South Africa on the film set, after which he will be embarking on a short media tour in Jozi.

“Being back in South Africa and working with a very able and Pan African team is incredible,” adding, “The actors, crew, and directors of the film are all phenomenal, and the story is very close to home,” said an ecstatic Mutuma.

Nick was recently in South Africa during the filming of Shuga Down South – the new season of MTV award-winning drama series. On the new Shuga currently airing on multiple channels and on YouTube, Nick returns as the show’s veteran playing Leo, a character that a lot of fans all across Africa have fallen in love with.

Nick continues to live up to the stature as a game changer in film and television. This year will also see him return to Lagos to film the second season of This is It – the Nigerian/ Kenyan drama online series that has since been picked by Kenya’s NTV Kenya, airing every Wednesday from 10 p.m.,,,,,,,,