Women fish processors who will be displaced by the project. Photo: Courtesy

By SME Digital Correspondent

The African Development Bank Group (AfDB) on Thursday gave a thumbs-up to the construction of the bank-financed 125 MW coal Sendou Power Plant Project in the village of Bargny Minam in Senegal.

By approving the project, the Board has also authorized that Independent Review Mechanism experts carry out further investigations to clarify issues raised in the complaints by two groups of complainants on behalf of adversely affected members of the communities in Bargny, Senegal.

AfDB’s financing comprises a senior loan of 55 million Euros and a supplementary loan of 5 million Euros.

The project is being developed on a “build, own, and operate” basis and targets to supply up to 40% of Senegal’s electricity which currently derives 80% of its electricity from diesel-fueled power generation. The Government of Senegal (GOS) has outlined a strategy for diversifying and increasing domestic power generation capacity with a combination of conventional thermal base load and renewable energy. It is the first coal-fired plant in Senegal.

The coal will be imported via sea and unloaded at Dakar harbor from where it will be transported by trucks to the coal storage site on the plant. The project aims at producing at least 925 GWh of electricity a year. The power will be delivered to the national interconnected grid system of SENELEC, Senegal’s public electricity utility company.

The project includes the development, design, procurement, construction, operation, and maintenance the coal-fired power plant on a 22-hectare site.

Power production can be expanded to 250 MW through a second phase project, for which project preparation have not yet started. The project will also build a 1.6 km 225 kV transmission line and associated switchyard to connect the plant to SENELEC.

It may be recalled that the project is located about 600 meters away from the Atlantic Ocean and near two communities, the town of Bargny located at 2 km northwest and a fishing village, Minam, with 600 inhabitants to the south.

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